Second movie of the infamous Little Nicholas book series of René Goscinny and Jean-Jacques Sempé. Nicholas spends his summer holidays with his is parents and Grandma at the seaside. He quickly makes new friends, including the girl Blaise who lives in the area, the English pupil Djodjo, the gourmandFructueux, the righteous Côme and the crybaby Crépin. But just when Nicholas believes he's got everything under control, Isabelle appears. He doesn't understand why she cares so much about him until he becomes suspicious that his parents are trying to set her up as his wife-to-be.

Communications Campaign

PAZ has run the theatrical release campaign Nicholas on Holiday. Setting a comprehensive promotional strategy covering both online and offline mediums PAZ has also taken over the design of promotional graphics, printing a new edition of the original book collaborating with CAN Yayınları, raising funds for the film's promotion, organising pre-screenings at French schools in Istanbul to initiate the WOM and production of Petit Nicholas merchandise (i.e. balloons, candy etc.) for the pleasure of the film's 'little' spectators.